Hello There, round two. I feel like this month’s list has taken a different direction. I lot less hiphop than I would have expected. It seems like my tastes are changing. There’s still some bangers and a lot of female vocalists. Even some guitars.

Perhaps the longer days have changed my mood but I have been feeling very optimistic about the future and I think that’s reflected in the tone of the list.

Im super proud of the artwork. Its incredibly freeing to design for myself and im really getting into the process. I didn’t think to hard about the font choice. I had a very different idea in my mind but after 2 hours this is where I got to. I think it turned out nice.

Its another long list, 57 songs so may need a few sittings to get through. The rules are the same Listen if you like, skip if you don’t.

1)      Con Altura – ROSALIA & J BALVIN > Im obsessed with Rosalia at the moment. She was easily my favirite artist of last year. Teaming up with J Balvin on what I would say is an understated affair. Well as understated as you might get from J Balvin. It has a pleasant creepy horn and typically hard ragaton beat. The song reached no 1 in Spain, Rosalias home country.

2)      Friends – FLUME, REO CRAGUN – Flume featured on my list last month. This song is slow and builds slowly. The chorus has a very pleasing loud beat that made me fall in love with the song.

3)      Hold you tight – DIPLO > I don’t think Diplo can do anything wrong. This feels like a radical departure for him. The songs starts minimal and grows and grows. Then the vocals. The songs drops at the 1 minute mark. Everything is kept minimal but the production is top notch. Bit of a break in the middle and then back to it. I wish this was 10 minutes long.

4)      Boffum – BRODINSHI, SUICIDYEAR > Short and sweet. From the beat drop the production doesn’t get much more complicated but what is there works brilliantly.  This is a cool song.

5)      Nobody’s Son – JELANI BLACKMAN – Jelani’s voice is deep and smooth. I like hearing an English accent from Rappers. The production is pretty cutting edge and refreshing. “dark and dancy” as he puts it. Im going to check out his back catalogue soon.

6)      Mine Right Now – SIGRID > I 1st saw Sigrid while watching Glastonbury on the TV 3 years ago. I loved her pep. Really enjoyable to watch and just pretty dam feel good. This song is more of that. Feel good 80s inspired sinth. More of this please.

7)      Bad guy – BILLIE EILISH > Ive seen Billie do the rounds of some of my favourite Youtube shows. Hot ones and Sneeker shopping. So I was looking forward to hearing what her album was going to be like. The best way to describe it Super quiet bangers. Its really nice to hear something that sounds like nothing else. The song completely changes at 2.30 so stick around until then. This is the 1st of two songs featured this month. I definitely recommend listening to her album.


8)      About Worth The Dancefloor – GEORGIA > This song is so awesome! So im making it my song of the month. Super retro, super modern. Delightful vocals over a synth-pop song that would be at home on the soundtrack of ours 80s memories.

9)      All day and Night – JAX JONES > Forgive me for this. This song reminds of me of clubbing when I was 16. Drinking 99p pints and dancing on the podium until closing. I don’t know if this an attempt at recapturing the late 90s sound or a genuine chavvy hit. In either case im happy for the nostalgia.

10)   Full Stop – FOLLY RAE > The bass carry the song from beginning to end. Super bouncy which makes for a fun song.

11)   Mad – LAOISE > Minimal production that could be argued may not even be music. Laoise carrys the song with some cute vocals until about a minute on when the production ramps up. By this time I was hooked but the song keeps building until the end. Its sounds a little bit 80s which is obviously becoming a thing.

12)   Monydontfixlonely – SOPHIA MESSA > Isn’t that true, its not that I don’t like money its great. But I don’t want to be motivated by it. I’ve been trying to focus on the enjoyment I’m having rather than the money I’m making recently. The shift in focus means my work is more satisfying and I would say much better. The subject matter speaks to me, The vocals are haunting and the song is pretty large in scale. I’ve often played this song on repeat this month. 

13)   Happy – BROOKE CANDY > Nice little rap banger. Even though it sounds dark its actually a pretty positive song. “BITCH YOU LOOK GREAT!” But then it does take a bit of a dark turn at the end when she is crying.

14)   Champagne Eyes – ALUNA GEORGE, BAAUER > This song is only 2 people removed from Harry Potter. Let me explain. BAAUER produced the Harlem Shake, which was turned into a viral meme by Fithy Frank, who is the cousin of Ezra Miller who (spoiler for Fantastic Beasts 2) Is DUMBLEDOORS BROTHER. Who saw that coming!?

15)   Ground Control – COLLARD, KOJEY RADICAL > Part 80s soundtrack, part hard rap. The mixture of styles works to create something that stands out from anything else out there right now, or maybe ever.

16)   Waves & Whirlwinds – MAYA JANE COLES > I’ve never got into Maya’s music. I’ve always meant to try her out a bit more so was happy this song came along this month. This is background music. The kind of song you could have on without noticing but eventually realise your fully immersed in.

17)   FUN! – VINCE STAPLES > Vince staples is funny. I wanted to include this song so I could say that.

18)   Childs Play – A$AP Twelvyy > Coming from the A$AP MOB (camp of professional rappers) Rocky, Ferg, Nast and Ant

19)   Sucker Free – GIRL UNIT, Ms BOOGIE > Girl unit is one of my favourite names of all time. Alongside Ross from Friends. Apart from being a pretty solid banger. The inclusion of Ms Boogie is a step in the right direction for me. Representation matters. Good stuff.

20)   Disaster – DAVE ft J HUS > Haha, I don’t know what the noise is but its really enjoyable to hear. Maybe a horn? Answers on a postcard please. The “fuck beefing with babies” line cracks me up every time. I imagine a real baby being aggressively rapped at.

21)   I Could Get used to this – BECKY HILL, WEISS > Standard summer song. Positive vibes only here. Large vocals with a few high pitched anthemic noises. Forgettable but fun while it lasts.

22)   Amelie – THE FAIM > I think this counts as guitar music. The song starts with an epic deep chant. I found that very compelling. Enough to give the basic vocals a pass. It’s a teeny bob rock song.

23)   In The Dark – ALL TVVINS > A close contender for for song of the month. A slow melodic song with a lovely 80s vibe. The song comes together in the chorus all driven by the deep drums.  

24)   Young – ORCHARDS > Im really on a roll with the guitar music now. This songs just fun. Even the artwork is fun. Bright, youthful and catchy

25)   Shook – P MONEY > I walked past P money on the streets of Shoreditch once and I remember feeling quite star struck. Ive always liked to talk to DJs and MC’s when going to clubs but I couldn’t say anything to him. He did a song back in the day with True Tiger that was a banger. I still don’t understand the difference between grime and rap. P has a great flow and has been a constant goodness in the game.

26)   Angels – NILUFER YANYA > Guitars all over the place this month. Nilufers album is well worth a listen. A very pleasant listen. The song builds on itself to a very satisfying crescendo.

27)   You should see me in a crowd – BILLIE EILISH > If you watch this on your phone she has a spider crawling out of her mouth. EW! 2nd song from Billie in the list. Again give her album a listen. Its exciting to hear something new. Quite vocals to start but don’t let that fool you this song is a 100% banger

28)   Ancient Lands – NATUREBOY FLAKO > Full disclosure, this song is older and Ive known about it for a while but I really think more people should hear it. It starts of slowly. It’s a creeper but by the time it reaches its final form you know it can’t be messed with. Listen to this all the way through. But if your impatient skip to 2:30 and it really gets going. Its all about the 3rd act. So cool!

29)   Chemise – SOULEANCE > Awww yeeeeeah. How funky is this song?! The tiny string noise, the squelchy baseline and disco vocals. If every song was this song id be totally ok with that. Makes me smile every time it comes on.

30)   Caronte – APPARAT > Starts with some nice strings, followed by compelling vocals. The vocals double up after a minute which gives it a much more futuristic feel. The production just keeps building with a lovely bass line throughout the 2nd half of the song. Quite futuristic and lovely.

31)   The whole of the moon – KIRIN J CALLINAN > A cover of an 80s classic. Im not sure if this is better than the orginal. But I am dam sure that it is good to hear this song again.

32)   Boss – Little Simz > A slapping bassline and kick drum hots you in the face straight away. Simz distorted vocals. Then a very good flow which stands up with the best of them. “im a boss in a fucking dress” Great line!

33)   Birth of Creation – THE COMET IS COMING > Creepy oboe? Yes please! Another song that builds and becomes more modern as you progress into the mid-point. A VERY satisfying pulsing baseline hits around 1.30. The world needs more spooky oboe! I demand it!

34)   Kill this love – BLACK PINK > The video for this song was the fastest ever to reach 100 million views on Youtube. 100 Million in less than 3 days! The Koreans are taking over. Its big.

35)   Pas de Deux – MICHAEL ABELS > This is a redux of a pretty awesome song. Listen to is and see if you can guess. Its from the soundtrack of the new film by Jordan Peele. US was a fantastic movie. Following on the good spooky movie movement that seems to be happening. I love them. Anyway the original is featured pretty heavily in the film. This remix is used in the later parts of the film and it really added to the scene.

36)   Aint goin Back – RUSS > Russ featured last month. I love his flow. A clear narrative intelligently told. All told over some sad harmonica???

37)   Two Colours – CHONG THE NOMAD > How good is that name! Lovely baselines at 37 seconds in. Need I say more.

38)   Innocent Man – BURNA BOY, DJDS > this song just sounds dangerous. Go out and do some crime, rob some people up. All because the song made you feel like it.

39)   House – Kindness > Again this is an old song. But I had completely forgotten about it. Kindness have a new song out which reminded me that this existed. Sit in the sun and have a smile. HAPPY, that’s how I feel when I hear this. Wait for 40 seconds to find out why. Then again at 1.40 its just keeps getting better and better. So nice! 10 smiles out of 10

40)   Darkest Hour – SEVDALIZA – Starts off with some lovely piano work and creepy vocals. The key change after a minute gives you a sense that this song is going somewhere. The pay off at around 2 minutes is so worth it. It actually ends up pretty dancy. Love it.

41)   DYSFUNCTIONAL – KYTRANADA > Oh Kytranada. He was a staple of mine a few years back. I remember him playing Obie Trice at Bestival. His remix of Missy Elliot is a classic. Perfectly nice.

42)   Snake skin boots – BLIMES, REDINHO > I like the production on this. Grounded in the past but fresh enough to set itself apart from anything else out there now

43)   Focus – VRITRA > Instant bass. Meloncolic bass. Nice little rap over the top. Very cool

44)   Baby Sitter – DABABY, OFFSET > Before listening to this song I thought I wasn’t going to like it. Expecting some standard mumble rap. But Dababy actually has a pretty decent flow on this. The track is well produced and has a nice fast pace. Into it

45)   Make it right – BTS > Here we are, the biggest band in the world right now. Proving that not all there songs have to be bangers. I love the minimal horn, sinth, trumpet (I don’t know what that noise is haha) Its difficult to know how well they can sing as I don’t know what they are singing about but I know that they can make it right for some reason. I like it and so do millions of teenage girls. Were called the ARMY (Adorable Representative M.C for Youth), join us

46)   Two Straight lines – Walking on Cars > Guitar hits again. I just cant get enough of it. This is cheating though as there is a consistent bass playing over the song that makes it for me. The chorus is beautiful. Impressed by this one.

47)   Stay Young – MAISIE PETERS – Lovely vocalist turns into pleasing song. Shocker! The tempo works so well for me.

48)   Late night Feeling – MARK RONSON ft LYKKE LI > Mark Ronson has to be one of the most consistently brilliant producers of our age. He did this one, and this one and this one. The list goes on. Slow disco vibes. Brilliant!

49)   Mile High – JAMES BLAKE, TRAVIS SCOTT, METRO BOOMIN > I featured another song from this album last month. But I have been listening to it more and keep coming back to this one. Trippy, casual trap banger. Awesome stuff!

50)   NO CD – LOTLE CARNER, REBEL KLEFF > Nice guitar riff sets this rap song apart.

51)   Teenage Birdsong – FOUR TET > A very well produced casual dance song. I guess we cant expect any less form Four Tet. Great whistling riff and bassline crashing into some spacy sounding notes towards the end.

52)   Assassin – AU?RA > We have a lot to thank Dua Lipa for. She has brought in an age of highly produced pop music. Great vocals over a great beat. Keep it up.

53)   Lit – OCTAVIAN ft A$AP FERG > UK trap at it very best. Octavian is so cool. Im jealous of his talent but so happy that hes making the most of it. America taking notice here with a feature from A$AP Ferg. I feel like this is a stepping stone to the A list stars. Kanye must be itching to leverage his fanbase. You klout chaser you.

54)   What is it – KIDEKO > CHHHHEEEEEEEEEESSSSEEEY! Pretty fun track that speaks for itself. I cant imagine this ever being played in fabric but that’s not the audience. A roof top bar full of essex girls drinking sangria. A fun time was had by all.

55)   London in the rain – MERIDIAN DAN ft FLOWDAN > Dark. Just how I like it.

56)   Borderline – TAME IMPALA > Ive never given Tame Impala a chance. If this is anything like their back catalogue then I have some catching up to do. The pacing is perfect, especially half way through the vocals are super nice.

57)   Vossi Bop – STORMZY > The return of Stormzy with a really decent track. The production is super well laid out. Just how I like it. A super tight flow that works with the beat perfectly. Cameo from Idris in the video is hype! Your carrying the flag Stormzy. Do us proud.

Feel free to comment and give me feedback. Love you x




I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want from life. What is it I enjoy? What do I want to do? What do I like?

So this blog is a space for me to write about anything that takes my fancy. An insight into my mind. My written English could do with some improvement so fogive me if it doesnt really make sense. But in order to improve you have to do.

My 1st post is about new music ive liked this month. I’ll do a bit of a blurb about each song.

What I like about music is the instant connection. You just know if its for you or not. .

I think the general criteria is some form of bassline or squeaky noise. And it would seem im really into female vocalists this month. I’ve designed a graph explaining my spectrum.

To deny myself-something because it’s popular is to deny life. Enjoyment can be found everywhere so if your body says yes, then just go with it.

So the rules are simple. Listen if you like, skip if you don’t.

If you like something then I encourage you check out the artist. Theres something for everyone here. Now me being me I feel like I should justify my choices with a little write up of each song. I don’t know anything technical about music. So all descriptions will be my interpretation. It also gives me an opportunity to design album artwork which is something I want to get into.

Being the 1st one there is a whopping 56 songs, 3 hours long which is a couple of sittings. So give it a listen when on your way to work.


Ive made a little info graphic about placing the songs on a scale of Cool-Cheesy & Popular-Underground to help give you an idea of what to expect.

1) New Shapes - OCTAVIAN & DIPLO > Octavians vocals are so soft I forget to even listen to what he’s saying. Its low-fi, ambient and makes me want to ride an open top car. I’ve made a small playlist of all his songs so if you like what you hear give it a listen. Not to forget Diplo, Generally if hes touched it its at least worth a listen. Be it on his own or with all his various “projects” Major Lazer, LSD, Jack Ü and Silk City with Mark Ronson! His work with Justin Bieber was excellent.

2) Lick - OFFSET > Offset, a member of the Migos, the worst boyband to come out in years. He comes with his debut album and honestly I was suprised. This song had me hooked instantly. A few moments of flute and then straight into steady beat and vocals. A surprisingly nice flow and deeper subject matter than his usual money brags.

3) Iron Claw - CZARFACE & GHOSTFACE KILLER > The rolling bassline and heavy drum to round it off. Perfect for the steady flows.

4) Falls (Golden Feature remix) - ODESZA, SHASHA SLOAN, GOLDEN FEATURE > I could listen to the tinny bassline all night. It reminds me of those moments in a club when it all comes together, the crowd joins forces, lets out a WHOOOO! Then promptly goes back to being a bunch of fucked up people dancing on their own in the dark.

5) Binz - SOLANGE > The hipster Knowles. Although short it makes an impact with the ghostly vocals and simple bass riff.

6) Love Tonight - SOULE, C CANE > This song makes an instant impact with its vocals and tropical beat. Not the kind of sound you would expect from someone from Dublin. I think it would be impossible to hear this song on a sunny day and not feel like everything was right in the world

7) Statue of limitations > 2 CHAINS. If you haven’t watch 2 Chains on Most expensivest shit I suggest you get on that right now. For me he’s always been a bit player in others success. Featuring on some of the greatest songs of all time, I’m looking at you MERCY. Im a big fan of the minimal beat and piano combo. Cruising around with the bass turned up would have some heads turning.

8) I can’t get enough - SOLENA GOMEZ, BENNY BLANCO, J BAVLIN, TAINY > Every song out of Latin America songs the same. But that doesn’t mean they are bad. Its a tried and tested formula that is now taking over the Western world. A Reggaeton beat. Some sort of high pitched noise and what are probably raps about money and woman. I don’t understand it but it takes me back to being in Mexico.

9) Only human - Four Tet, KH > This song is so frantic, so tightly produced. Continuing the pace from beginning to end. It sounds like it’s in a race with itself. The vocals keep it grounded and turns down the pace enough. It breaks for a breather half way through only to return with a few seconds of pounding drums before jumping straight back into the race.

10) GWOP Expenses - GIGGS, WRETCH 32 > This is a straight up banger. Im not really one for the sum of its parts. But here Giggs & Wretch have come together to make the kind of song that just makes me happy.

11) RPG - KEHLANI ft 6lack > 6lack was my most played artist on Spotify last year. So more than happy to slow it down a bit, look out the window and contemplate life. Smooth vocals, minimal bassline and high hats make for a very pleasing song.

12) SWEG - IAMDD8 > A mega bassline coupled with a minimal piano melody. A short runtime, but its more than enough.

13) Rheged - THROWING SNOW > Get through the minute of build-up and this song bangs. It’s not all go though, it’s a real journey from start to finish. I heavy bassline surrounded by plenty of ambient noise. It builds a story only to knock it down and take a new path. Have some patience and I think you will enjoy the ride.

14) Barefoot in the park - JAMES BLAKE, ROSALIA > Rosalia is amazing! Easily my favourite artist of last year. I encourage everyone to give her modern take on flamenco music a go. So cool! So I was happy to see that James Blake had taken a turn with her. Excellent production and haunting vocals from both.

15) It’s not you it’s me - BEA MILLER ft 6lack > 2nd song featuring 6lack on the list. Apparently Bea is a runner up in the American X factor. It nicely produced and pleasant to listen to. The subject matter resonates with me and 6lack brings it home. A pleasant surprise for both you and me.

16) The end - SHLOHMO > Starts off with some nice guitar but its anything but a guitar song. Follow this song down the rabbit hole until the beat kicks in. The bell noise gives it enough meat to carry the song to a quiet ending. Satisfying.

17) Wish you were here - SKEPTA > A good old fashioned BEEF! Skepta is going after Whiley! It’s sad, I wish it wasn’t happening but I am along for this ride till the end! Skepta rarely does anything I’m not a fan of. It seems like he turns up at every concert I go for a verse or two. Every goes mad and it’s always the best bit. The best gig I ever went to was Kanye & Skepta doing songs back to back. The local crowd let Kanye know that Skepta was the don in these parts.

18) AS Too wrong - AMNESIA SCANNER > Some of you are going to have a hard time with this song. Weird robot vocals and inventive production. The bassline brings it all together for me. Gets a bit freaky towards the end but overall a fun ride. The album is even crazier so if you want to test your musical chops give it a go.

19) Pyramid - ALYSS > Walking across the dance floor nodding your head before you get to your spot and start the dance. That’s what this song conjures up for me. A good time was had by all, Wavy synth with a kicking beat is all that is needed to get the party started..

20) Same old thing - Subculture Sage > I can’t help but think about Brexit when listening to this. The government, media and daily life. To keep trying the same thing and expecting a different outcome is a recipe for disaster. All told over a great beat and solid flow. Sometimes it’s good to feel angry. 2mins and done. Move on with your day.

21) Doing Bits - DREAM MCLEAN, THE LAST SCEPTIC > This is a very British song. A controlled demeanour, a bit of comedy all while presenting a very clear narrative. It tells a story that has you hooked from the get go. The beat sounds like its straight out of the east end.

22) Say it with your chest - SUSPECT > A very pleasing use of high hats, muddled with a drugged out wave that sets it apart from most trap out there today. Aggressive raps bring it home.

23) You’re not alone - AGORIA, BLASE > This song starts with a freakin organ! The causal drum introduces you to the vocals. They all make friends and make for a very pleasant sounding song.

24) Blast off - GEASAFFELSTEIN ft PHARRELL > Epic in nature. It sounds like some kind of 80s space anthem. It’s nice to hear Pharrell step outside and do something different. .

25) Clones - TIERRA WHACK > Its starts out with a really annoying mumble rap, But if you have heard any of Tierra’s other music you would know that she is taking the piss. The song is about how the new wave of mumble rap is nothing more than people copying each other. Lyrics aside the beat does a good job holding my interest. Her 1st album was a concept album with all the songs being 1 minute long so would recommend giving her a shot.

26) Body like yours, CALL ME LOOP > This song is a body shaming nightmare! She talks about finding a great man only to be disappointed that his body isn’t up to her standards. I like to listen to it in the gym, if this is the standard I have to live up to then so be it. Ultra-catchy, mega cheesy but you can’t tell me that you wouldn’t throw yourself into the dance when the chorus kicks in. Love it.

27) Hello Happiness - CHAKA KHAN > Some of you may have let this album pass you by. Coming from a musical landscape that was vastly different I was expecting something lacklustre. This is not the case at all. Chaka Khan has come back with something so funky you have to get involved. The name says it all.

28) Break up with your girlfriend - ARIANA GRANDE > From the get-go this is a banger. Not pop, not cheese. A fully fledged banger. The production sounds like it cost a lot. Yes she is a “sexy baby” but that doesn’t mean she should be dismissed. This album is full of catchy well produced songs. I had a hard time picking just one.

29) Loyal to me - NINA NESBITT > This songs reminds me of early N-SYNC. Yes that’s a good thing! Pure nostalgia. The backing track gives a depth to the vocals and late 90s vibe that I’m totally into.

30) Have Mercy - YBN CORDAE > I’ve seen YBN lurking in the background of YouTube videos but had no idea he had such skills. The flow is so solid, great wordplay that follows a clear narrative. Flutes are so hot right now. Add some rumbling bass and I’m in! This has to be one of the best songs of the month. Definitely one to watch!

31) Tia Tamera - DOJA CAT ft RICO NASTY > The scale of the beat is incredible. It stops me in my tracks every time. Nod your head and feel cool, then rewind it and do it all again.

32) Aloha - CHARLIE HEAT, DENZEL CURRY > Charlie heat is signed to Very G.O.O.D. Beats which is owned and run by Kanye West. Coupled with Denzel Curry makes for something that is of the new school (It has trumpet this time) But sets itself apart enough to stand on its own. Denzel Curry had one of the most induvial takes on the trap released last year. I know its all new and doesn’t sound good to us old people but if you persevere with its worth getting into the genre.

33) Complicated - MURA MASA > This man can do no wrong. Hailing from Guernsey and only 22. Mura Masa has worked with some of the most influential artisits in recent memory. Please try out all of his music. Its perfect place is at a festival surrounded by thousands of people getting mash up. Bliss!

SONG OF THE MONTH . Nowhere else - MADOU


34) Nowhere else - MADOU > I think this is my favourite song this month. It’s just so satisfying to listen to. The bass is so full. It carries every other element to the end. Both banger and ambient. Have moment to yourself, put a smile on your face. Or turn it up loud with friends and journey into the night because anything is possible.

35) Ibrik - BONOBO > This song is evolving from start to finish. Building layers throughout until the central break. Then it starts all over again but this time with MORE. The execution is spot on. Some crazy horns and what I think is some kind of tiny finger piano. A+ Bonobo

36) None confrontational people - SHAMANA > A little tiny flute, ambient waves, electronics and a simple beat. Super short. I think it may be an interlude but I could listen to it all day falling asleep in the sun. Has a real lazy day vibe.

37) Fo’Real - ABIDAZ, RAMI, AMBESSA > Rap, but in French. I don’t understand it (I failed GCSE French) but French rap sounds at least 60% more sexy. French rap is well worth looking into if you haven’t before.

38) Black Water > FRANKIE STEW & HARVEY GUNN > A pretty haunting take on UK hip hop. Honest and vulnerable. Takes its time to tell a story about life for aspiring artists. Kinda makes me want to cry.

39) Tried by 12 - THE EAST FLATBUSH PROJECT, DES > I’ve heard this beat before. This was the beat for the cyphers At the 2011 BET awards. I wanted to include it so I could link to my favourite one. The Shady 2.0, Eminem at his best, freestyling outside of the studio.

40) Your wave god’s wave god - THE DARKER THE SHADOW THE BRIGHTER THE LIGHT > Mike Skinner is still making music. And pretty decent music at that. A very Dark beat. Slow methodical, and intelligent as always.

41) Yoppa - FALSIDE > I’m saving this beat for my mixtape. It creeps along at a satisfyingly slow pace. Pretty sinister but effortlessly cool with it. Like if Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction was a song.

42) Solo - JENNIE > I insist that you join me to celebrate that the biggest boyband in the world right now is from KOREA! Like it or not the world is changing. Just imagine kids around the globe listening to K-POP like we used to Take That or Spice Girls. Singing songs they don’t know the words to. It fills me with joy. Now BTS haven’t released any music this month so I thought I add Jennie. She is 1/4 of Black Pink. A female led K-POP group that our making moves. I know its super popular but I’m fascinated by the whole thing and would urge you all to get into it before you have no idea what’s going on in the charts.

43) Contra La Pared - SEAN PAUL, J BAVIN > Yes Sean Paul is still making music! Only not for us. That doesn’t mean it needs to be dismissed. J Bavin is one of the world’s biggest stars. EVERY song he brings out is a hit and remains at the top of the Latin American charts until he brings out a new one. The really crappy recorder makes me laugh. I think if it wasn’t from another country id have a hard time listening with a straight face but it takes me back to Mexico. Walking down the street you would hear the top 5 songs over and over coming out of every speaker. Shops, bars, street food stands, mobiles and cars. Such a colourful place where this kind of music just fits in.

44) Lack of love - FRIENDLY FIRES > I must admit that I have never given Friendly fires a chance. Dismissing them as indie. As you may have noticed there is a lack of guitar music on this list. Not because I hate it. I just havent found any I like. If this is what the rest of their music is like then I have been very wrong. This is just super funky. Id be more than home having a jig to this at a festival.

45) One thing - Mr BELT & WEZOL, JACK WINS > Now I did not care for the original by Ciara. And I know that this is pretty cheesy. Complete with chavvy piano and build-ups to “the drop” But once it does hit I can’t help but smile. So fun that I can imagine a future time dancing with friends.

46) All in - THE LAFONTAINES > Now I’m pretty sure this counts is guitar music. I’m sorry, This song has a ridiculous consistent bassline. After hearing the Scottish accent rapping the chorus surprised the hell out of me. Super pleasing and powerful break, the straight back into the driving bass and Scottish boy. Cool

47) Truly - TWIN SHADOWS > An minimal electronic ballad. Slower and more ambient than most on this list. The tempo picks up during the chorus. A welcome change of pace. I think if this is the mood you are in then give the rest of his music a go.

48) Gotta get up - MOODY > One for the broken hearted. A clear story about getting over a lost love all. Empowering, emotional and sweet. I also like that she is talking about a woman and not a man. It’s a refreshing change from the traditional narratives.

49) Bad after we - SHY FX > I was in a SHY FX video once. It’s one of my best stories so ask me about it next time. This was a bit of a surprise as I’m used to Shy FX being more up tempo and more for a bad garage crowd. This is a solid change of direction. Ill have more of this please!

50) Don’t waste my time - SAULT > Hypnotic vocals, a funky as hell vintage beat. I had to check that it came out this year. Perhaps I’m getting older and more sophisticated. Who knows. But if this is where it’s going to lead me then I’m all for it.

51) Just came for the music - BILLY KENNY > This is a hard sell I know. But that baseline!? Come on, admit it you like it. No one is going to judge you. Keep it to yourself and have a little dance in your head on your commute tomorrow. Also cowbell!

52) Trapped - CALEB STEPH > I think this is about as gooda rap song you can get. The production is good but not to overpowering and Caleb raps like they used to. I’m not one for nostalgia. I want to keep on top of what is out there now. But this is nice to hear in a wave of new rap that people of my generation just don’t understand.

53) How to build a relationship - FLUME, JPEGMAFIA > 1st of all how good is the name JPEGMAFIA!? Although this song is Flume I would recommend JPEGMAFIA if your want to see what happening at the forefront of the underground right now. Its not all mumble rap if you just dig around a little there is an incredibly exciting scene happening away from the limelight. Flumes mixtape is incredibly experimental so if you like that kind of thing give that it a whirl. I heard the deep bass noise on this and just knew it was for me.

54) Wow - POST MALONE > This song is so badass. After the short intro the bass lands. My word if you’re not sold at that point then the drums start to creep. This is the kind of song I will dance to when no one’s around. Not just a little jig, You know you do it too, Don’t lie! Like this guy. Post Malone already beat this years YouTube rewind by putting him in his own video. It makes me so happy to see.

55) Left Hand - BEAST COAST, JOEY BADA$$, FLATBUSH ZOMBIES, THE UNDERACHIEVERS > The best of Brooklyn come together for a textbook showing. All of them are worth looking into with some of the best rap in the last few years coming from the major players.

56) Jailbreak the Tesla - INJURY RESERVE, AMINE > Experimental dance. The name drew me in, the music did the rest. Definitely not for everyone. Probably the kind of gig I would go to and regret like 2 songs in. Then on the way out id bump into someone I met a party once so I couldn’t leave. Sometimes it’s good to just like the one song and leave the gigs to the really cool kids.

If you read all that then thanks. Feel free to leave me comments or even suggestions. I will be making playlists of older music separately. I’ve already got a few in the works detailing songs I listened to as a kid, my new metal phase and late 90s / early 00’s hip-hop

Love you! x